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    The Next Game Boss - IGN


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    The Next Game Boss - IGN

    Post by Fenon on Wed Mar 30, 2011 12:07 am

    Its a indie game developer reality tv show. Soo far it's hard to watch... I'm like watching 30 seconds and then doing something else, I want to see the end of at least 1 episode, I doubt I'll watch any more.

    Nearly everyone on it is painful to watch. One team are nerd wanna'be rock stars. Another team want to be "Really random", people saying they are random and trying to be random really annoys me and on that team there is a red hair guy who for goodness knows what reason is wearing one of those stupid oversized Irish hats. There are two (ONLY TWO) fairly normal people who got stuck with a tough brief and came up with as good of an idea as could be expected, I'm sure there are better answers to it than they came up with but yeah. Then there was a large team of uncomfortable looking guys who had quite a good idea, I wanted to dislike it but I didn't, all the same I wouldn't play they game. The last team well they were all in a forest hitting each other with plastic swords for their introduction, their idea was pants they may have had the easiest one, I was flooded with ideas for theirs until I remembered that they had to make up a boss and a boss for a racing game is a little harder to come up with, at least one thats interesting.

    The woman thats hosting the show has a face made out of thick leather, I don't think she can even move it.

    I voted and I'm sad to say that the one I voted for is unjustly at the bottom of the list they two that I would like to be kicked in the balls are near the top, but the highest voted one is the one that I think should be at the top. I didn't vote for that one because I voted for the guys that had the hardest pick and did well to think up an idea for it even if it wasn't the best idea, looks like they'll need my vote as well.

    Yeah this program is rubbish, just like all reality tv crap. I may watch part of the next episode just to see what happened with the votes but thats all I'll watch.

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