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    The best game ever debate.


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    The best game ever debate.

    Post by Fenon on Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:29 am

    Not based on sale's never liked the sales thing. Could be just a single interesting idea in the game that just makes the game stand out in your mind.

    FF7 the artistic style, that sad and beautiful sound are what drew me in when I saw videos (I think FF7 was also the first game I really wanted) but if you haven't played FF7*
    what I love about the game was that Cloud was discovered to be a complete nut case, thinking he was somebody else, I don't think I've seen that in other games
    */End spoiler*, a expected and common pick but I hope my reason is a bit different.

    Ico is a sweet little game, I don't always think about it when I think about great games because its kind of a cult classic, if you haven't played it get a PS2 and do, its a very special little puzzle/platformer game.

    Sword of the Bererk Guts Rage, a mindless hack and slash game but interesting characters and it made me feel physically sick and disturbed, the only hack and slash game I've completed.

    Breath of Fire on the PS2, I love the concept in this game, firstly its very hard but later on you get a transformation that makes you hugely powerful, you can one hit kill nearly anything HOWEVER you only have a set amount of time to use it, the longer you stay in it the more corrupt your body becomes and you die if you use it all up, can't get more so you need to save it for when you really need it.

    Mario Kart 64, I just find the Mario Kart games endlessly enjoyable Mario Kart 64 still being my favourite of them. Infact when I get my large HDTV I may hook up my old N64 and hope it still works and just be engolfed by Mario Kart.

    I'm writing this while cripplingly tired so may not make much sense.

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    Re: The best game ever debate.

    Post by DS9 on Thu Jul 15, 2010 9:47 am

    didn't anyone tell you, we had a discussion while you were out and PSO was declared the greatest

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