The Arms Ep III

Heading back to Ragol ? Maybe ..

    Wow this game!


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    Wow this game!

    Post by Fenon on Sun Oct 30, 2011 9:17 pm

    Every new area you unlock is so much better than the last and the quality of the game improves as well, the animation quality of the mobs in Prairies is just fan-bleeding-tastic. I just beat a boss called Dim Gray and I could have lost the fight just being in awe of his design and beautiful silky animation. The smaller mobs as well, they move so beautifully, like real animals in some cases.

    Guys if you liked Ainle you are going to be completely blown away, Ainle is nothing compaired to Prairies, I don't think the Ruins are as good as Prairies but it's still much better than Ainle.

    If any of you that aren't currently playing this game or have tried it and thought the level design wasn't good, just keep playing, the first area and ice caves are a little dull, but after them the game starts to open up. If you played Final Fantasy 13 it's like that, except you are actually playing a decent game while you wait for it to open up. I was very aware of how long it took to get to that point in FF13 in this I've no idea how long I've been playing.

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