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    Gamer Movie Review (Haven't finished watching it)


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    Gamer Movie Review (Haven't finished watching it)

    Post by Fenon on Thu Feb 10, 2011 10:19 am

    Recorded it a few weeks ago and just sit down and watch a few minutes at a time, I'm only about 30 minutes in at the moment.

    It's different than the last movie but is still about being in a game that can actually kill you, except this time its more like Death Race but as an FPS. The story goes that a guy created a real version of second life where people who want to be controlled are employed to be real avatars for people to control with their computers, I should warn that there's quite a lot of nakedness and adult natured stuff, just boobs really though. Then to move on from that they guy uses death row inmates as avatars in an FPS game again where people control the inmates, again warning there's a lot of gore here. After 20 or 25 games the inmate is allowed to go free but nobody has ever made it that far, you see where I'm going with this I think.

    It has high production values and there are some known faces, the guy who plays Dexter Morgan is in it. I think there were others but I can't remember who now...

    I would say if you liked Death Race you might like this but the thing is the characters aren't as colourful as the ones from Death Race, it is funny seeing real people dressed as people from second life though.

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