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    Movie: Gamebox 1.0


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    Movie: Gamebox 1.0

    Post by Fenon on Wed Feb 09, 2011 10:57 am

    Just watched this movie, if you haven't heard of it which I doubt you have since it's low budget B movie'ish. It's about a game system that puts your mind into a game and if you die in the game you die for real, it's basically your standard fair really, nearly every movie about a game system has something where you get trapped in the game and if you die it's for real.

    The movie isn't too bad, I mean the actings not good and the visual effects are awful, the story is predictable but that was expected so I'm not going to complain about it. You know whats nice about the case? None of that bully crap "Most exciting movie off the year" - some guy who has no credability. rubbish plastered all over it.

    The ending is a bit meh, I'll spoiler it incase you want to watch the movie:

    He leaves the female in the game who is a clone of his real girlfriend that died and then he meets a girl who's exactly like his dead girlfriend in real life. Nullifying the point about moving on with his life.

    I'd say watch it if you get the chance, don't go expecting anything amazing just take it as B movie fun, don't pay more than a few £ for it, and maybe renting is the better option. I wouldn't bother putting much effort into finding it, just if you chance upon it and it's cheap give it a go. It'll kill some time while you are downloading patches anyway.

    I watched this movie for free as a small perk of my job.

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