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    Saw my first 3D movie on my new 3D Ready TV


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    Saw my first 3D movie on my new 3D Ready TV

    Post by Fenon on Sat Oct 02, 2010 12:45 am

    Watched Monsters vs Aliens, it was nice that it was also the first time I had seen that movie, I've seen a few of them. It was very good, a different experience than seeing it in the cinema, the largeness of the cinema screen means it looks like things are popping out, and while that does happen on the TV screen it's more like it goes deeping into the screen, this is because you can see the edges of the TV screen and not the cinema screen so easily.

    I haven't really used the 3D option on my TV until now because there hasn't really been anything but a few previews. The start of the 3D channel was a bit weak, it had Golf, which isn't a great use of 3D anyway, I mean 3D doesn't work well with golf really not that golf isn't good. The thing is it was also raining so there wasn't much to watch anyway.

    The movie was stunning anyway, it made really good use of the 3D technology, one of the best uses I've seen so far. These CGI movie are perhaps the best use of 3D, because the guys that make them can control how 3D the objects in the movie are, sports etc just use two camera's and it isn't always that obvious that you are watching 3D. The movie itself was quite good didn't get bored.

    Anyway it was utterly worth getting the 3D TV and I look forward to watching more.

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