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    The Witcher 2 vs Skyrim.


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    The Witcher 2 vs Skyrim.

    Post by Fenon on Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:59 pm

    I'm not far in Skyrim so it might be a little early to compair the two games, but I'm going to (Briefly though I'm tired).

    I think I'm going to say that the Witcher 2 is slightly better, it's very close though. Skyrim has a much larger world and you can explore it whenever and however you like, which I know should be a plus and it is, but I think it's the reason why the Witcher 2 comes out on top for me. I think the more compact world makes the experience more rich, the story is more linear so you are more involved and because there are fewer NPC's each one is more fleshed out. I guess the story is more rounded and driven, in Skyrim it's more a case of you have dozen's of quests and at some point you get around to doing them, and for me with games that give you a lot of quests I usually forget what it was all about by the time it's handed in.

    Visuals well, the Witcher 2's are better the world is more rich and full, but Skyrim has some amazing vista's. I think though landscape wise it's the same, it's just Skyrim's is more spread out. Witcher 2 pushes my PC a lot more than Skyrim does as if that counts for anything. My jaw has hung while playing both games.

    Side note, when I completed the Witcher 2 the size of the world you played in did bother me, the map that came in the box had much more land on it than was actually in the game, plus it made it seem like it was a large Skyrim like world that you could explore.

    P.S. I don't know how much sense this post made, I am very tired.

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