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    Jerks on Vindictus


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    Jerks on Vindictus

    Post by Fenon on Wed Nov 16, 2011 2:04 am

    There are a lot of good people on Vindictus but there are some turds as well. If you are playing in public games here are somethings you will see.

    Games which have a max of less than 4 people (Not including the reduced player Oaths) 1/3 or 1/2 parties will always kick you. I don't know why that is exactly they don't seem to be waiting for friends. Maybe they are trolling, or some kind of bot... I don't know, but ignore them.

    Afkers, these guys are pretty annoying you join a game wait and nothing happens. You try talking to the host but he's not moving and not replying, he's afk so just quit, don't bother waiting.

    Twin Spear users, these guys are jerks if you are wanting to for example kill using kicks, with spiders etc they are worse. They just start their spinning attack and kill weak enemies and make it hard to finish enemies with kicks, that and they confuse the battle field.

    F12 spammers, you are collecting loot and some guy thats in a rush tries to move onto the next area, fair enough not everyone wants the crap thats dropped and it's fair to ask people to press f12 not everyone remembers to do that, but there are some people that spam f12 in the chat.

    There are jerkish people doing other stuff as well, I just listed the things that happen a fair bit.

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