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    Death and rebirth


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    Death and rebirth

    Post by Fenon on Fri Apr 30, 2010 11:22 am

    Had a go at making my HUnewearl called TRUE WARRIOR, which is a special character she uses no rares and doesn't use anything but her own stuff. Which is the reason for her name being in capitals, its simple and bold, her edges are sharp and her intentions are clear and unbending. She is based on the ideology of a group I played with before I knew any of you (I think I made TRUE WARRIOR first but I was just going to have her not use other characters stuff).

    Like I said I made an attempt at making her today but I discovered that they reduced the length that your can name be, so her name could only be TRUE WARRI. I played around with names like PURE but they didn't give me a new ID/one that I wanted. Finally I found Clear which did give me the ID I wanted, while maybe its watered down by not being in caps and not having as direct a name. Then again I don't know if I should bother worrying about the ID since its not likely she'll get to a very high level (Not fast anyway) and she won't be as strong as other chars (In the sense of damage, she's the strongest willed and takes on the biggest challenge).

    I was only playing around by making her, I want her to be on a new account so that she isn't wasting space on an account that does trade items between themselves. Got to wait till they fix the registering thing.

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