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    Sound you like.


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    Sound you like.

    Post by Fenon on Wed Apr 21, 2010 1:05 am

    Didn't really think this belonged in the other topic since to me thats about the actual video's not so much the song.

    So music you like.

    I'll start with the song I was typing the lyrics from tonight of PSO (I just looked at the actual lyrics and it appears I got them wrong, as usual with songs I don't ear the words properly and I guess my brain puts things I want to hear there. When I first heard it I thought it was singing about a child or babies innocence "Feet that have never been walked on" "Eye's that have never got angry, a face that never felt that shame" "Hands that never held no blade", I kind of like what I heard better, but it makes more sense now).

    I know that loving - Tindersticks

    Beautiful voice and lyrics

    Bearsuit - Tindersticks

    A Night In - Tindersticks

    Cherry Blossoms - Tindersticks

    Ok a lot of Tindersticks, because I've been listening to them a lot recently, their music sounds like cigerette's and coffee to me.

    What do you like?

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