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    Still Playing

    Post by Visage on Wed Apr 07, 2010 2:18 pm

    HUmarl lv33 and have just met Dark Falz!! Shocked Though not beaten him yet.Evil or Very Mad

    It’s all pre - PSOnline as it takes place on Earth, so far story has been very compelling though I fear all I have left after DF is hard & super hard.

    But depending on what race you choose puts a different slant on the story, the Newman I have on my lads copy had a very different beginning and knowing now how the story goes will have a different slant all the way through, also my Son who plays a Cast has had different outcomes and has a different selectable party members to me.

    Also my first Red Box cheers was a nice little lv22 defence Mag!! Still the only Mag I have found in a box, as true to form most of the red boxes turn out to be PD’s or stat mats. Rolling Eyes

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