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    Always Sunset on Third Street.

    Post by Fenon on Sun Oct 26, 2014 11:15 pm

    I've bought myself some DVD's recently, this was one I've been interested in seeing but it's been pretty tough getting hold of. It is sold on Amazon but most of the time the sellers don't have enough reviews for me to trust them and some I looked at seemed too similar, they may not have been but to me they could have been fake reviews. They've also been over pricing the DVD.

    Anyway I finally found it for an acceptable price from a seller with a few k of good feed back. But I've only watched the start, the DVD arrived and even though it's a Japanese movie the DVD was made in Thailand. It also doesn't work well on my DVD player, it makes a lot of noise. It does work correctly on my PC though. The menu's are in english and it has the option of Japanese and Thai audio and Thai or English subs. I've not really wanted to sit at my PC watching it but I'll have to do it soon.

    The movie itself is actually a spin off of Godzilla, it seems to be a drama about the lives of the people that live in the city Godzilla attacks. I could be wrong about that, I don't even fully trust that Godzilla is in the movie, even with a trailer showing him.

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