The Arms Ep III

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    Playing Pso2 again!


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    Playing Pso2 again!

    Post by Wanda_pso on Mon Sep 30, 2013 8:22 pm

    Erm....... could`nt resist reinstalling this!
    Took most of the day to do. Sega`s servers are so slooow. Then started reading up on the english installer/patcher.
    This thing is really good you`ve got a much better idea what your after in the missions Very Happy 
    Not all the text is translated as some of it is server side and I did`nt bother with the story mode translations as I
    can read them offline.

    There`s been a quite a few changes since I was last on. Now there`s 2 free character slots and a new class which uses bows and Katana`s

    So started a new character....

    There`s so many people on there Laughing 
    At the moment they`re running a concert another virtual star maybe...

    Shortly after it finished Falz attacks the outer ships so everyone scrambles to fight him.
    So off I went Knowing I would`nt  last 10 seconds..... think it was 5 actually Laughing 

    And that was just his arms!

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