The Arms Ep III

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    Post by Fenon on Wed Sep 25, 2013 8:44 pm

    Love the show, been watching it since series 4 (I think), Dick from Third Rock from the Sun was shown in the adverts and I had to watch (He did an amazing job). It's about a guy that works in the lab in the Miami homicide department, or rather a serial killer that works there and nobody knows. He's a serial killer with a difference though, he kills criminals.

    The last ever episode is this Sunday, it's sad but it's been on for quite a long time now 9 series I think, so it might have run it's course.

    Started reading the books that the show was based on, well the series only follows the first book, no idea what happens in the second. I'm nearly through the first book and I have to say the TV show is a lot better than the book, more happens, the characters are more fleshed out, the TV Dexter is more interesting, the one in the book is actually getting on my nerves. I was expecting to learn a lot more about Dexter I'm not really, it's not often you can say the TV show is much deeper than the book.

    I'm going to keep reading the books, I kind of have to if I want to continue enjoying new Dexter stories.

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