The Arms Ep III

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    Post by Fenon on Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:33 pm

    Bought it on Steam the other day, I thought it was better to post in this forum than Misc since this really is a console game.

    It came out at the same time as inFamous, and well I'd say Prototype gives the better impression of power. In inFamous you were pretty weedy, though you do feel stronger towards the end of the game. In Prototype you can run pretty fast and there isn't much that stops your movements, you auto jump over cars and run up building the only thing that stops you are the controls and buggy movement. There are mini games that have you do things like check point time trials, and you can quite frustratingly have a good run screwed up by landing next to a wall and not being able to start running again, and if you jump to get you started you can end up sliding down the wall, though I believe you can start running when you are sliding. It's not really so bad but it's something to get used to.

    Animations are sometimes very poor, mostly walking animations they can look pretty stupid. It's a minor thing mostly though since usually you'll be tearing through the city.

    Textures are a fairly bad but it was designed for consoles and it's a big open world game. Who knows there might be a mod to improve textures, there are a few mods, none that look good...

    The story is ok, not far enough in to really care yet.

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