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    Terra Nova and Sinbad


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    Terra Nova and Sinbad

    Post by Fenon on Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:36 am

    Figured I'd just make this as one topic since they are on the same channel (They are right? I haven't checked).

    I quite like Terra Nova, I like that they have travelled back in time rather than discovering a hidden place where dinosaurs live, the story makes sense. The characters are pretty good it's just the teenagers I don't like, the son and his friends. The son is the typical teenage boy character "I hate you Dad, I'm going to rebel" boring, done, old, do something better. His friends are just as bad "We're rebels, we're going to go outside the gate's because we aren't allowed, you'd better come to or you aren't cool. Oh no something went bad, oh bugger we're in trouble now". I've decided just to fast forward through that crap, it's not worth the pain. Everything else is pretty good, could turn out to be a nice little series with lots of twists and turns (Just hopefully not involving those teenagers, make a brave move and let them get killed I say. Actually one or more of them might have died, I fast forwarded through nearly the entire episode when I realised it was all about those stupid teens).

    Sinbad, I'm pretty annoyed with Sinbad, the first fight was rubbish, it was completely lacking realism, I'm sure that doesn't bother a lot of people but it bothers me (It's quite frustrating watching a guy that's supposed to be fast or agile fight when you know if he moved like that in a fight with yourself you could easily hit him). Also when they were running away Sinbad climbs down a near sheer wall and then expects his brother to climb down as well, his bother is not athlete. It was just really stupid to have expected his brother to have done that. I also wasn't sure what time period it was set in, Sinbad was wearing what looks like modern shorts and t-shirt, it could very well be accurate to the time but it was a bit confusing, he wouldn't have looked out of place walking around in a modern city. Also they killed off the only actor/character I was interested in and the reason I even bothered to watch in the first episode, the guy that plays Denzil in Only Fools and Horses. If you can't tell I ain't too keen on the show but I'm going to give it a bit more time before I give up on it, I can see myself recording a load of episodes and not watching them, then deleting them a few weeks down the line.

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