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    Post by Fenon on Tue Jan 17, 2012 11:23 pm

    YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH I didn't think there would be one this year since I haven't heard anything about it but there will be another Total War game out in March! March looks like it has become Total War month as every year CA release a Total War game in March, at least they have since Empire.

    This one is more of an expansion pack than a new game, it's just Shogun 2 but a few years later at the end of the Samurai era. So Samurai's vs guns, guns are in Shogun 2 but they are kind of pants, I expect this one to be more like Napoleon, or at least Napoleon vs Samurai's. Should be an interesting mix. I hope the guns are pretty powerful or at least accurately so, quite often when it's guns vs bows/melee the guns are the weaker weapons because they are slow to reload and manover, by the time they have reloaded from their first volley the enemies are cutting them down. When they have fired they often refuse to move and so can't get out of the way, or they move and then start reloading after they stop and can't fire because they don't have time to reload before they have to move again. Where as bows fire fast, reload fast and move pretty easy but are slightly less accurate in a straight line but can fire over hills or walls, melee troups will take a few losses but like I said get into the gun men fast enough that they don't have to worry too much and when in melee they destroy ranged units. If Melee and bow units are better than fire arms based units this game will suck quite a lot, I won't be able to believe that guns are killing of the Samurai traditions, I want to struggle against the fire arms and have to use tactics to survive I want movable cover and other such things to even things up.

    I doubt I'll get that from the game, but I'm still going to buy this, I'm not good at TW games at least not online, I'm pretty good offline but the tactics I use are lame and shamed online. But offline you need to use them to keep your men alive, online there is no reason to care about how many men die in your army, offline you need to keep them alive for the next battles.

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