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    Mags and Mags


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    Mags and Mags

    Post by DS9 on Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:15 am

    Stat Calculator..
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    Mag Farm..
    Mag Farm.exe

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    Mag Feeder.exe

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    Re: Mags and Mags

    Post by DS9 on Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:32 am

    Mag Basics
    A Mag is a wee pet-sized friend that hovers at the back of your shoulder. You start off with a baby mag.
    Feed it Items to level it up (see Magnitude of Metal training quest and Elenor will talk you to death about Mags).
    Evolutions are at first due to character type and section ID then the attributes come into play.

    Photon Blasts
    Mags learn Photon Blasts at levels 10, 35 and 50.
    Once it has a Photon Blast it will charge (yellow circle) up to 100PB.
    The trigger menu changes to show the PB types available (This can result in many a wasted blast Razz if youre not careful).
    If you're glowin' gold it means you are temporarily invincible to enemy hits.

    Mag Combos and boosting
    Your mates might ask you the level of your mags PB because they are interested in doing a mag combo when it reaches 100pb.
    A Mag Combo is possible by everyone in your party using their mags Photon Blast at the same time.
    When done successfully you will see a number beside each persons magpb depicting the order of the blasts.
    This serves to make the effect more potent.
    Online on PSO Blue Burst you can also 'donate' PB to a mates mags photon blast by repeatedly pressing the END button on your keyboard (or for Gamecube PSO Ep 1 and 2 use the Y button on the gamecube control pad).
    Get your mate to tell you when they gonna use photon blast because you have to press END (or Y) right away.
    If you have successfully donated then your mags pb level should have decreased.
    The result will be a more powerful photon blast for your mates mag.
    Mag PB minimum of 10 for you to be able to donate. You can donate upto 30 PB.

    How Section ID affects Mags Type Section ID

    Photon Blasts Type What it does
    Estla Straight Line 'Dolphin' Attack
    Farla Circle 'Snake' Attack
    Golla Focused 'Stag' Attack
    Leila Resta 'Healing' Cast
    Mylla&Youlla Shifta & Deband Cast
    Pilla Airbourne Power Slam Attack

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