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    Soloed my first dragon.


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    Soloed my first dragon.

    Post by Fenon on Sun Dec 18, 2011 12:22 pm

    I was exploring and found a fort which turned out had a dragon on it's roof, which killed me. I went back and tried it a few times, not really getting very far, so I thought screw this I'll take a look around and find some better gear or something before I try this again, so thats what I did. After a little while I found a burial ground place, I thought to myself, ello ello ello, what do we ave here then, this looks promising so it does. I walked to the centre of this and the casket opened, one of those shouting guys stepped out, I've beaten them plenty of times before but they aren't complete push overs, and just as I started engaging him the freaking Dragon dropped in, I killed the shout guy as quick as I could using up all of my mana, and then set about shitting my pants. I used some flame on him and used pillars as cover but before long he stopped landing and was out of my range, I thought I was completely screwed then, I lost sight of the Dragon for a bit but then I saw something that looked like his ice breath quite far off, and then saw him on the ground, I went over and he was fighting with some skellingtons. I took advantage and started blasting him with flames but it wasn't long before he finished the skellingtons and was focused on me, I thought I was screwed again because I didn't have much cover, but it was quite a confined space, he landed in that space a few times and I walked around to his backside so that he couldn't blast me with ice and I set about burning him to death, his whipping tail did a lot of damage to me, but not nearly as much as his breath.

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