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    Disney's A Christmas Carol (S3D)


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    Disney's A Christmas Carol (S3D)

    Post by Fenon on Thu Nov 24, 2011 12:15 pm

    I recorded this the other day and finally watched it last night. The 3D stuff at the start was pretty good, the snow was the star of the show, but in general it was just good, but as the movie went on I started noticing it less and less, be it, it was used less or I wasn't paying attention to it any more because I was wrapped up in the story. There were a few points where it was noticable that they filmed certain bits just for 3D, for example a letter being handed over was zoomed in on to make the letter come out of the screen at you. Pretty happy with the 3D though, it wasn't overpowering like Alice in Wonderland was.

    The story was well, what you would expect they didn't screw with it too much, I did have 2 or 3 WTF did you do that moments. As someone who loves language and symbology thats where this movie shone for me, the language they used and how they used it were beautiful, I was entranced by the language that was used more than the story itself (It's a story we all know well, it's more important that they get the story right and how they present it).

    My favourite symbolism was when Scrooge asked the spirit of Christmas Present why he had a scabbard but no sword, the spirit replied, "Peace on Earth, goodwill to all men." I will say though that I kind of forgot about the movie for a while and was just thinking about that, though the movie at that point was just doing some stuff to show off the 3D stuff, so there wasn't much to pay attention to anyway. It gave some things to think about during and after the movie, which is something I like.

    I think as a PG movie it was pretty damn dark and sinister, I would not take young kids to see this, I'm pretty sure they will be keeping you up all night with nightmare's.

    The worst part of the movie for me was a chase scene with that last spirit, it just went on forever, 3 to 4 times longer than it ever should have been and there was no point in it. It really dragged the movie down. Oh and the first spirit was really freaking creepy, the spirit of Christmas past.

    So all in all it was good, worth seeing, the acting was good and it was entertaining, I usually don't watch movies all in one go but I did with this. But the question is, was it a match for the King of A Christmas Carol's; A Muppet's Christmas Carol? And the answer is no, it does a good job a damn fine job, but that movie is just so good it's near impossible to come close to. But if you are sick of watch a Muppets Christmas Carol (Are you? I'm not, I'm already planning to watch it.) then this is a good alternative.

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