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    DC Universe Free to Play.


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    DC Universe Free to Play.

    Post by Fenon on Wed Nov 23, 2011 8:44 pm

    Came across this an hour or so ago when I was getting my PS3 ready for tomorrow (Making sure it was up-to-date and not hacked...). DCU has become f2p I don't know how f2p it is, I did try to download it onto my PS3 it was only 122mb, but when I installed it the game data checker said I needed 4000mb or so to install it. I have 17mb free on my PS3 so I wasn't too pleased that this was not enough, I may delete some stuff but at the moment I really don't care about DCU, I could download it on Steam but like I said I really don't care much and given the choice I would rather play on console.

    It's kind a funny though I wanted to give this a test when it came out but there was no trial for it, nothing at all, and for it to have gone f2p so quick I can only guess that it wasn't as big of a success as they had hoped. I think this game is second rate compaired to City of Heroes and the games in that series, it just has better graphics is all.

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