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    Human Target


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    Human Target

    Post by DS9 on Fri Nov 11, 2011 10:44 am

    Anyone seen Human Target it's exceedingly good entertainment.
    lots of good patter between chars and fun storylines.
    the main guy is the all-american chiselled chin type a mercenary come bodyguard a sortive fixer of problems if you will.
    he has the stereotyped black boss (hes even an ex-cop).
    there's also another dude who is exceptional hes a shady ex colleague of the main guy with glasses bit weedy and hollowed face and face fuzz. there's this brilliant scene where hes sittin at a table and these two heavies start intimidating him and hes like well sure you could beat me black and blue but one night when your least expecting it ill sneak into your house and slit you r throat and he preceeds to tell them their names and colour of pyjamas etc lol

    In one episode there was the smoking man from X-files and in another mulder and scully's boss lol Also in one episode there was a homage to raiders of the lost ark especially the old rust bucket plane and the bit where indy visits the old flame mariann in the bar. was grinning from ear to ear watching that bit.
    there's usually some hot female talent in the episodes usually sidekicking with the main guy.

    well worth a watch


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