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    The infinite power of Mana Amber.


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    The infinite power of Mana Amber.

    Post by Fenon on Sat Oct 29, 2011 1:00 pm

    Figured I'd start making a list of the infinite number of things you can do with Mana Amber, since there are so many they could be forgotten.

    No. 1: Shield.

    Yep you are protected from all harm I believe, I'm not been hurt yet and God knows enemies have tried (So has Dark).

    No. 2: Fly.

    Given the right circumstance it is very possible to fly.

    No. 3: Roll down hills (My favourite).

    Yep that wonderful pastime of rolling down hills can be yours.

    No. 4: Fall from any height.

    Don't want to take that ladder down, pffft don't both just Mana Amber it up and free fall.

    No. 5: Annoy friends and alienate people.

    *Troll face*

    No.6: Damage enemies.

    Yep Mana Amber isn't just the ULTIMATE defence, mobility and a beacon of social culture it's also the ULTIMATE in offence, enemies take damage when the attack.

    No. 7: The silence falls.

    Got a headache listening to the kids blasted wrap music, Mana Amber mutes the sound so you can get that good night sleep you've been needing.

    No. 8: Blink.

    Mana Amber even lets you use blink.

    No. 9: Departure.

    In some rare cases Mana Amber has been known to make people completely vanish from reality, leaving only beautiful sparkles.

    More will be added as I continue my research into the infinite uses of Mana Amber.

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