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    Celebrity the Apprentice US


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    Celebrity the Apprentice US

    Post by Fenon on Wed Aug 03, 2011 1:23 pm

    I wanted it the other night, I've hardly watched any of the apprentice before because well I can't stand any of the people who are on it. Anyway I was slightly interested in what was going to happen so I thought what the hell, and then the childishness and crapness of it made me loss interest. BUT then the chance that I'd get to see that idiot Piers Morgan get fired made me hang in there (But fast forward when the crapness got too much) I have to say actually watching him makes me hate the guy even more. So to cut a crap story short I was cheated out of seeing him be fired, I suffered too much watching the show so I won't be tuning in again for the chance to see it.

    I wish that Piers Morgan wasn't on that show the american Alan Sugar lips, said that Piers was very English, they insulted our country, that guy is not an average English person, he's the kind of turd that just turns up at the bottom of every toilet in any country. They are just playing to the americans don't trust English people thing.

    I've never liked the Apprentice but I really hate it now. The shows are just full of the kind of pond scum that we all look forward to getting away from when work finishes (Since thats the only time you'll very be forced to be around these idiots) I don't know why they would make a TV show about it. Sure you get to see them screwing up (Something you could see working with them, but generally you have to clean up their mistakes) and making fools of themselves but it that really worth the punishment of having to watch them?

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