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    Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta demo


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    Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta demo

    Post by Fenon on Sun Jul 10, 2011 10:09 pm

    I downloaded this yesterday and have only just played it. I've just played the one game of team death match so far. What I really want to try is coop I'm hoping my friend downloads it soon (He is a git though, never buys the games I want to play with him, but always insists I get the games he wants to play...).

    The movement controls feel a bit stiff but I think thats normal for Uncharted, I haven't played any of the games in a while, but I think I remember that. The maps are very complex and detailed the one I played had multiple high areas so if someone gets the high ground there are plenty of other high places to allow you to get an equal vantage. I don't think it's too easy to camp in this game, I saw people constantly moving around.

    There are assassination moves like Assassin's Creed. You can climb on a lot of thngs not as much as say Assassin's Creed but still a lot. The game had a great cover system, I didn't try to use it in the demo though, but I'm certain it's there. There's a CoD style ranking system and you get points for how you kill someone, which unlocks clothes, weapons, abilities etc. Oh I just remembered they have got intro and outro cutscene's for the games, so you see your team enter the map and say if you win you see a cutscene of your team winning the battle (i.e. my team won and the game ended with the other team tied up and us guarding them), they took this from Brink and I expect to see it popping up in other games as well.

    There's not much I found to dislike, but what I did dislike was that there was no way to leave the lobby, I wanted to stop playing an look at what I had unlocked from the first game but I had to start the next game and then quit. I hope this was just a silly mistake and that they fix it for the final release.

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