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    Stereoscopic 3D on PC and TV I guess.


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    Stereoscopic 3D on PC and TV I guess.

    Post by Fenon on Sun May 15, 2011 4:47 pm

    I don't use S3D much any more, most of the new stuff that comes onto the 3D channel you have to pay extra for, and for the most part I'm not interested at least not enough to pay the extra, could have gone to the cinema for the price they ask. I don't game with it on much (With my PS3) because it's a bit of a distraction at least in FPS's.

    On PC well, a few games don't work with it, indie games are all buggy, which is a shame because Mount and Blade looks really good with it on, Rome Total War also looks awesome but it's not compatible and it hits the frame rate, it's also a real strain on the eye's. Thankfully Napoleon does work. S3D on PC is a bit hit and miss, It only works at the 1280 by 720 setting and you sometimes have to change settings, there's a pop up that give you tips on what to do.

    It's a nice extra and I might buy the software, but it's only something I can use for a short time when playing at night, and I'm not really that into it.

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