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    Nintendo are making a new console.


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    Nintendo are making a new console.

    Post by Fenon on Tue Apr 26, 2011 11:57 pm

    They have announced they are going to be releasing a new console next year and it will be at E3, when is E3 May? Or has it already passed, I've not seen anything about it.

    I read somewhere that they think it's going to be as powerful as a PS3, which is great... The NGP was said to have been nearly as powerful as a PS3, I haven't looked at anything about the NGP since it was announced a few months ago or whenever, so don't know if that was actually real. I can't say I'm all that impressed if that is how powerful it will be. But more than that I've little interest because Nintendo went too far into the casual gamer market and there's very little for me on the Wii. I can have fun with the Wii if there are a lot of people around playing it as a party game but for solo gaming there's not much there that interests me. I'm guessing the new console will continue the casual gamer trend, although the "leak" plans for the consoles design show normalish controllers with screens on them, the designs look rubbish to me so I doubt thats what the new console will be like.

    I doubt I'll bother with the next gen like I didn't with this gen, I would have skipped this one altogether but a friend wanted me to get a PS3, I didn't regret it till now... I don't see myself wanting another Sony console for a good long time. I dislike Xbox, the only temptation I have to get one is that all you guys play it and I'm missing out on all the god awful singing. The only thing that really interests me on the Wii is Mario Kart and playing that with my Nephew and being able to play Mario 64 again.

    I could just be a PC gamer but sooner or later my PC will become too outdated, I don't see myself buying an expensive PC every 5 years just to game, unless I pull my finger out of my bottom and get a job that will let me afford to do that.

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