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    Magicka ATTN Popp.y, Mia.


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    Re: Magicka ATTN Popp.y, Mia.

    Post by Visage on Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:12 pm

    Yes very hard from controller, but it kinda ads a charm of it's own because of all the misdialed spells, makes it a lot more fun in multiplayer, having said that we retuned to it with the intention of getting throughout to the end and we'd forgotten most of the spells got totally owned and lost intrest.

    Not played it since, don't no if it will ever get finished.


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    Re: Magicka ATTN Popp.y, Mia.

    Post by Fenon on Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:24 pm

    I like that you said dialed, it reminded me of the old dialing phones (Loved those).

    Yeah I got to a bit that was kicking my butt and kind of forgot to play, chances are I bought about 10 games on Steam and it just got pushed back on the list. I got to a bit where it was raining a lot and you could summon tree's, I'm sure I could have got past it but I stopped trying.

    For a light hearted and fun game Magicka can really kick your arse, it's not an easy game. I don't think it gets easier with more people, you are in as much damager from the other person as you are from the enemies. You do get a chance to be revived though.

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