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    Post by Fenon on Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:32 am

    The code name they've given it is crap, Next Gen Portable pfffft COME ON SONY! If you are going to give something a code name go wild, One Apple out of the Tree there you go 2 seconds thought and it even has a biblical reference to a forbidden sin, and if you like a joke about knocking Apple off it's perch with the iPad's and iPhones and iEye's. If you can't have fun with the name what hope is there for everything else.

    The thing is power, it's supposed to be almost as powerful as the PS3. Which is cool I guess but not exactly unexpected, thats what always happens when a new handheld is released it's nearly as powerful and the main console which gets replaced with an even more powerful console sooner or later. Maybe we'll hear about a PS4 sometime this year, I don't want that, I've not had my PS3 that long really, a year and a half maybe?

    It has 2 analog sticks which is good, just having the one was a real pain in the butt. I'm sure some people are excited about the new mobile phone like tech on the PSP2 but I don't like mobile phones, and perhaps having to deal with their crap is enough reason for me not getting this thing.

    It's been suggested that the price for the PSP2 will be around £400! Those of you with kids good luck, I imagine if you did buy them one of these you would have to constantly worry about them lossing it (My nephew lost things all the time, mostly coats), them being mugged for the PSP2 and maybe even trading it or lending it to other kids at school who then don't return it.

    When the price comes down to £100 or so I might take an interest.

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