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    WoW vs RoM *Dramatic music*


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    WoW vs RoM *Dramatic music*

    Post by Fenon on Thu Jan 20, 2011 10:36 am

    First of all I have played more of RoM than WoW but that was a long time ago now and I've forgotten a lot of it so I've started a new char to get back into the game. So since I've only been able to play the start of WoW I'll just compare beginnings.

    Character customizing, RoM gets this by a landslide, WoW has super poor character creation, they really should have gone back and improved it. RoM's isn't as good as other free MMO's but it's still a lot better than WoW, WoW does have more races though. (Perfect World has the best character creation of just about any game)

    Classes, again I'll give this to RoM because I think it has just about all the classes from WoW but it also has the dual class system which gives you a lot more options.

    Graphics, I'll give this one to WoW both games look good but WoW has just a bit more.

    Layout for towns, cities etc. WoW wins this the cities are very well made and thought about, you come through a passageway into the massive expansive city with interesting shapes and lots going on. RoM cities etc aren't bad they are just average, roes of buildings along straight streets they do the job but they aren't epic.

    Controls, RoM wins you have much more control over your character, the A and D buttons let you strafe, in WoW they turn you left and right, in RoM Q and E are used to turn you which are much better than WoW's A and D. Also with WoW you can only use the keyboard to move in RoM you also have the option to point and click, which is so much better when you get board of using keys you can just click and forget. Also in WoW you have to be in range to use attacks in RoM if you aren't in range your character will move close enough to use the attack, and generally if you try to use something you aren't close enough to it will move you to it. Other than that the controls are basically the same.

    Quests, WoW wins only because some of the quests have voice acting and I've seen in videos that there are interesting set piece quests. But as far as the quests I've played there hasn't really been much difference, they both basically have the same kinds of quests. RoM so far has had more quests than WoW, I've been flooded with RoM's quests, which is a bit confusing because you have so many quests on the go at one timee but it also means you are constantly doing something and you can change what you are doing if you aren't getting on well with it.

    I'll update as I play more and think about it, I would like to think I've been fair I'm not more of a fan of one game or the other. WoW is a better game, but so much better that it's worth the cost, I don't know I've enjoyed both games equally so far, but I think if I kept playing WoW would become more varied I know that RoM stays fairly similar the whole game (At least it did when I played last, there have been big updates since then). RoM is nothing to be sniffed at, it is a good MMO well worth playing.

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