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    I'm sad...


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    I'm sad...

    Post by Fenon on Sat Jan 15, 2011 12:24 am

    I tired to play 12 sky 2 just now, I tried to log in and it didn't work, I did stuff to get the right password earlier today reset the password. So I got the game running and when it was loading I got a message from my security saying it tried to put a key logger on my PC, restarted the game to see if it happened again but it didn't. I tried to log in but I kept getting messages saying it's not right, so I gave up and checked my e-mail just in case I needed to confirm something else, but what I found was an e-mail saying that my Battle.Net account had been suspended and there's going to be an investigation, if I want to stop the investigation and keep my account active to send my accound details to the link below. Before anyone says it I know it's a fake e-mail trying to get my Battle.Net account, but jokes on them I don't think I even have a Bsttle.Net account so HA! I had to look it up on google, something to do with starcraft and world of warcraft.

    Any how removed 12 Sky 2 from my computer, which makes me sad because I liked 12 Sky and wanted to try the new game.

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