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    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood


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    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

    Post by Fenon on Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:13 pm

    Ok I got this when it was released, it's alright. It's a bit of an improvement over AC2 but not much it's mostly just an expansion pack with a new story and slight changes to the weapons. The main thing is that its way too easy, after you can recruit people into your Brotherhood and train up your troups a bit you don't really have to do anything in the game but get within range to lock onto someone you are supposed to kill. You can't always use your Assassin's but yeah you can for nearly everything, the weapons are over powered, nearly all of them are projectiles now. The poison needles can be fired, you can use your pistol with your sword (Hold square or whatever it is on Xbox to attack) and with the knife you can throw knives by doing the same. The crossbow is fun but is just a pistol that has more ammo (Which is a bit odd as pistol ammo is easier to make and easier to carry).

    There's more point in finding things in this game than the ones in the past, finding flags etc gets you things ingame, so its not just to say you have wasted your time looking. There are a lot of things to do around the city, but it is only one city, that kind of sucks but it's quite big. The whole being able to ride horses in the city and use them in combat is a bit of a crock, the horses controls aren't great and quite often outside of the city you will get stuck somewhere where the horse won't jump down a slight ledge. Inside the city the paths are a bit too narrow. Combat isn't good, I didn't really bother with it after trying it out once, guards on horses are better they are a real pain to kill with a blade (Best to use the crossbow or pistol) and its almost impossible to run away from them on foot in the streets, you need to climb as soon as possible or use a smoke bomb.

    Combat has been improved a lot, its not just a matter or guarding until they attack and then counter (Which was basically the only way to fight in AC2) you can be more aggressive but again it is quite easy but more varied and fun, just not much of a challenge.

    The story is good all over I can't fault it, and the way it connects the multiplayer to the singleplayer is enjoyable. What you do in multiplayer has nothing to do with the story, its just there's a cut scene when you use it the first time and its spoken about once briefly in the singleplayer. The end is rushed, you are kind of thrown from one bit to another. What I wasn't expecting is plot development in the AC series in this title, a few major developments happen in this game, which if you are following it you can't afford to miss.

    Multiplayer, it's good. It's not like the singleplayer game, it small maps where you hunt other players, it's a bit basic thats all you do, the other game modes just put you into teams rather than going it alone. But there isn't a lot of team work, you may step in an save a team mate if he's being chased. Oh there is one slightly different mode which is where one team hunts and the other tries to hide. They could have done with a more varied set of games but they did do a very good job of forcing people to behave like Assassins and not go rushing around like idiots, you are punished for doing that with much lesser scores. And there is very much a tension knowing that people are hunting you and you may not know it till their blade is in your neck. This is their first AC game with multiplayer so I'm letting them off, having few game types, I'm sure in future games and maybe DLC they will improve it no end.

    A game worth getting if you like Assassin's Creed, if you've not played the other games, play them first (Rush the first game its a bit pants).

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