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    Men of War


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    Men of War

    Post by Fenon on Thu Sep 16, 2010 3:23 pm

    Saw a video of this on Youtube and it looked awsome so I downloaded a demo and yeah really fun. Its a nice little RTS game with really nice control over your troups and armour. You do missions with a set number of troups, no base building that I know of. You can equip yourself with enemies equipment, this is quite a lot like MMORPG's you have an inventory and just drag things into the spaces you have left. Tanks etc get damaged in lots of different ways i.e. the tracks get damaged or the hull or the engine and these things affect the tank in different ways (Like it can't move) and you need to repair the tank, I believe you can also steal enemy tanks, by damaging them and forcing the crew to repair them then killing the crew and sending your own men in to drive it (after repairing).

    The graphics are just like Dawn of War (Not DoW2), so a bit dated but thats ok because it still looks nice and is a lot of fun.

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